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Advanced Pediatric Locomotor Training (In-Person)

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  • Introduction to Locomotor Training
  • Adult/Pediatric Locomotor Training: Skills and Coordination
  • Pediatric Neuromuscular Recovery Course
  • Must have at least 6 months of Locomotor Training Experience

The Advanced Locomotor Training (LT) Course is specifically for therapists, rehabilitation technicians, and trainers who have attended the Introductory Course, Locomotor Training: Principles and Practice, and who treat individuals affected by neurological injury/disease.

The advanced course builds on the principles, hands-on skills, techniques, and clinical decision-making of the introductory course, in combination with the trainers’ clinical experience providing LT. Pre-conference preparation provides an opportunity to review video lectures on the scientific basis of locomotor training, as well as guided online reading of recent scientific articles providing the basis for clinical application and evidence to guide decision-making and advance outcomes.

A brief review of manual techniques with hands-on training is followed by discussion and video/hands-on experience with patients presenting challenging examples for progression and clinical decision-making. Participants are asked to bring clinical examples for discussion. The Neuromuscular Recovery Scale* is emphasized as a tool to identify goals and facilitate progression.

Engagement and empowerment of each patient are promoted through the training sessions in the treadmill, over ground, and community integration components. Leadership and synergy of the entire team with the patient to achieve his/her goals is demonstrated as a means to enhance session effectiveness. Time management to optimize session impact is discussed and illustrated. Instructors also respond to the specific needs identified by participating staff from clinical sites.

As with the introductory course, participation by teams of therapists and trainers from sites is highly encouraged, though individuals will certainly benefit to advance positive outcomes.

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